WMMP-120 Wet Mix Macadam Plant

Wet Mix Macadam Plant manufacturerMacadam is nothing but appropriate mixture of sand, cement, water and aggregates. It is an efficient, automatic plant available with different configurations and capacity. We offer wet mix macadam plants built confirming M.O.S.T. it is used to produce sub-base and base of roads. Due to its easy and simple design, WET-MIX-MACADAM-PLANT WMMP-120 has earned us repeat business from different countries across world.

Our WET-MIX-MACADAM-PLANT WMMP-120 have their successful fittings in varied countries like Sri Lanka, Jordan, Bangladesh, Angola, Sudan, Kenya, Bolivia, Oman, Bahrain, Nigeria and many more countries. Our plant contains Pugmill Unit, anti segregation surge hoper, storage silo, water tank and controls for automation. We also offer load out belt conveyor with storage silo on demand. We offer cement stabilization system if required. Print out system can be attached to the plant on request.

Modern design of pug mill unit has made it efficient. It offers rapid, continuous and homogeneous mixing of additives and aggregates. Corrosion and abrasion resistant liner attachments ensure longer service life. An efficient surge hopper eliminates shut down and spillage of the product. It is provided with hydraulically operated clamshell gates that cover entire width of hopper.

Water tank is provided with self priming pump and flow metering for the perfect metering. It is also provided with control valve and spray bar. Separate cabin is built for the control. It offers perfect process control.