• Is asphalt drum mix plants are costly?

The answer is definitely “no”, it quiet elevated but not goes above the budgetary line. As the demand for this product is gradually increasing the price is also at the medium ranges only so that all the customers could afford it. Especially, in our Vinayak construction equipments the price is arranged in a very nominal series.

Yes, the remote support is available in our all asphalt products. As our company is used apply the modern functions & methods to design our all products.

  • In which temperature, the asphalt/ black-top are laid?

Hot blended black-top is fabricated at temperatures somewhere in the range of 270°F and 325°F. Contingent upon the natural conditions and the separation from the hot blend plant to the task, hot blend black-top can lose somewhere in the range of 5°F and 25°F.

  • Is black-top/ asphalt could be laid in the winter?

Be that as it may, we can clear in the winter insofar as climate conditions are dry and the ground isn’t solidified. As it were, cool climate black-top clearing should be possible amid mellow winters or in pre-winter.

  • What is the base temperature for laying black-top/ asphalt?

Blend Temperature, When it lands at the activity site, hot-blend black-top is typically somewhere in the range of 275 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. For the underlying rolling, the temperature of the blend should be somewhere in the range of 220 and 290 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • What is the softening purpose of bitumen?

The softening point is a test (more often than not called the ring-and-ball test) to decide the temperatures at which a black-top folio accomplishes a predefined level of thickness. In the test, a steel ball is set on a plate of fastener that is gradually warmed until the point when it turns out to be sufficiently delicate for the ball to fall around 25 mm.

  • How thick should the black-top/asphalt be for a roads?

By and large a 4-inch thickness might be sufficient, yet 5 or even 6 creeps of full-profundity black-top will guarantee you of a more grounded, stable carport under a more extensive scope of atmosphere and burdens. As an alternative, a few contractual workers utilize 6 to 8 creeps of compacted total, or rock, as a base for 3 crawls of black-top asphalt.