DM – 50 Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

asphalt drum mix plant exporter

DM-50 asphalt drum mix plant is available with the capacity 60-90 TPH. The plant is a good illustration of efficiency and productivity. It operates with a quick and smooth manner. It is also a good example of ideal automation. The whole plant executes perfect coordination of varied machinery includes cold aggregate bin feeders, slinger conveyor, “u”-shaped asphalt tank, L.D.O. tank and discharge system.

Cold aggregate bin feeders are available in 4 number of the unit with feeding capacity 120 TPH. It contains 450 belt width and 4×2 hoppers. It is provided with heavy duty gearbox and 600 mm gathering conveyor width. Slinger conveyor is available with 500 conveyor width. Drying and mixing unit is available with 1.5 m x 6.750 m diameter x length.

It is also provided with 50 mm glass wool insulation. It is also provided with cradle-type chain drive and heavy duty worm gear. Dual-stage Dryer burner unit is provided with 200 lph capacity. The asphalt storage tank of the plant is of “u” shaped and contains 30 lph burner capacity and hot oil jacketed gear type pump.

It contains 2500 liters capacity L.D.O. tanks. Discharge system of the plant contains 500 mm load out conveyor belt width. It also contains a fully computerized control panel board. The plant contains a centrally air-conditioned control cabin.

  • Adjustable calibrated gates opening
  • Dryer unit contains thrust wheels and trunion wheels.
  • Insulated control cabin
  • Industry leading prices.