MDM-60 Mobile Drum Mix Plant   

Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant ManufacturerMDM-60 mobile drum mix plant is an efficient mobile asphalt plant that offer required asphalt mixture at the working place. So it can be projected as plant on wheels. This plant is mounted in tractor or trailers. So, plant can be easily taken to the destination. For the new operation plant can be make ready within few hours.

Plant is used to get asphalt 90-120 TPH. Plant is pre-wired with sockets and junction box. Plant contains cables to interconnect included machinery. It is a very profitable option for the projects. Due to easy installation and simple operation it contains least maintenance.

It is also beneficial for fuel consumption. It is very suitable for rural area. So for varied projects of same contractors, plant can be fulfilling operations well with least time span. It offers homogeneous mixture of aggregates. It does not require help of crane for the installation or for other functioning.

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